Kardiak's Krypt


Sep 6th 0100
So i’ve been putzing around this town trying to make heads or tails of it for a couple weeks now. They obviously need help, but have been remiss to send out envoys asking for it. Something about that strikes me as off, but not sure what. I’ll keep looking around and digging into whatever I can to try and unravel this little mystery.

Sep 12th 1530
A bunch of strangers arrived in town today, all within a few hours of each other and all coming from different directions. I’m not sure what to make of this. Perhaps the town did send out for help and just chose to go about it a different way. Or maybe my ideas that something else is going on is drawing people in as things like that tend to do. I’ll keep an eye on the newcomers to see if I can glean any more information out of them about why they are here.

Sep 13th 0320
So there was a fire tonight. Orcs appear to be the culprit, but as to what their motives were remains a mystery to me. I have begun to realize that I have some holes in my skill set and need to fill them. I was no good at tracking and thats something that could prove useful in my line of work, so I will look into getting better at it. I plan on going to talk to Gowyn in the morning to see if he has a plan to deal with these orcs. For now, its bedtime.

Sep 13th 0945
I’m off with the newcomers to look for the orcs. Lets hope we can find them and prevent future attacks. This also gives me the ability to find out more about the newcomers. So far they all seem to be on the side of good, but time will tell. I’m still not a great judge of character….



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