Kardiak's Krypt

Session 1

Orcs In Trees!

Our hero’s paths converge on the failing town of Relford. Come upon hard times, the result of an earthquake the year before, the town has entered a terrible drought after the river quit flowing.

As the adventurers settle into town a mysterious purple-cloaked stranger, who’s been keeping watch over the people for the last few weeks, takes note and begins investigating the newcomers intent.

Two of the travelers, dwarven clergy of Torag, met as their king normally do, with a hearty greeting and a hearty beverage. Torin, (who recently found a Halfling seemed to have taken root in his wagon at some point, and was now fully grown) proceed to share, sell and trade his Thunderkeg Ale with anyone who had a mind to drink.

The quiet monk with the vicious pole-arm purchased herself a chalk-board and managed to communicate fairly well with everyone from that point on.

The Half-Elf Tavarious finally managed to carry his luggage, by befriending the halfling Gilsa, who had claimed dominion over the keg laden platform.

The paladin Aydan proceeded to make good on his vows to ‘serve and protect’ as he and the rest of the hero’s trailed a group of orcs across the landscape to where an ambush awaited…


Ayden follow the pull of the divine, leading him to the withered town of Relford. Being a shield brother of the god of creation, once he spied the burned down smithy, he set about finishing the deconstruction and setting the burnt timbers aside to make it easier to begin construction again and looked over the forge and anvil, some of the very few relics of the blaze. He paused to take a swig of Torag’s Divine nectar, the Rumblekeg Gutwarmer Ale. He sighed contently, his muscles nice and warmed up by the work. He went back to work and was soon joined by a fellow Dwarf who clapped him on the back, and thrust a tankard in his hand, proclaiming it to be a gift of the gods themselves. The two looked each other over, each noticing the other’s copy of “Hammer and Tongs: The Forging of Metal and other Good Works.”, the holy script of Torag, the Father of Creation. They welcomed each other heartily, and Ayden welcomed the young lass who poured herself over the side of the wagon that’d pulled up, near drenched with the Ale the new dwarf, Torin, had proclaimed was the best. Strangely, even in a desolate town as this, several like-minded, adventurous folk found each other and took to talking before deciding to take the talks to a more comfortable setting, with the work done and out of the way. They walked on and into the Black Skull Inn. As Ayden opened the door for the lasses, he blinked in surprise, the establishment not being one which a respectable lass or child should be in, so he offered to help them find a newer, more suitable establishment. Torin went on in loudly, with lil’ Gilly the besotted halfling lass offering to stay and keep ‘im out of trouble. Ayden shrugged and escorted the other lass who stopped by, a quiet human girl who spoke with a slate and chalk, to the Miner’s Rest, then on to the tavern where food awaited them. During the festivities the calls of fire sounded outside, Ayden rolls out of his chair and charged outside, only to find that it was too late for help, if anyone was within the northern farm house, though his new companions aided in rescuing the donkeys from the barn. When the fire died down he helped search the ruins, but was thankful no bones were to be found. He went to be wearily in the Miner’s Rest and woke up early, though not as early as Himeko, it seemed and went about his morning rituals. He got himself some breakfast, explored the smith’s hosue, fruitlessly for clues, then gathered the others to go orc huntin’ as apparently some orc tracks were found by the farm. The tracks led them far and wide, then back around by the mines. It led them to a narrow ravine line by 30’ cliffs on either side, perfect for an ambush. Gilly, Himeko and that Artemis person with the funny stick led the way in first, scouting the area before getting lost from view. This did not sit well with Thorin nor Ayden, and the quiet was interrupted by Thorin charging in after, followed by the loud report of Artemis’ gun as the three scouts started tearing apart the orcish ambushers, knocking others down for the ground folk to waylay. In amongst the ill-gotten loot of the orcs was a worn, leather journal, Ayden paled after reading several of the pages within…

Session 1

From the Journal of Tavarous, Wild Caller of Yuelral.

“It was a strange day that brought me to Relford. My father sent me after a cleric he was indebted to, Raulf Desterier, who was going to the town of Relford to help at the multichurch. He has not been heard from in a while, so I was sent after him. Normally this would not be an issue, but I had just finished putting together the evolutions on Silver and I wanted desperately to test him out. However, I was able to test him out on some Orcs so I think that satisfies my curiosity. I am getting ahead of myself though.

I happened to met some very interesting people when I came into town. I met a strange woman outside of the church, she was dressed as a monk, but she was young, gorgeous, and mute. I believe she offered to assist me with my luggage, when we first met, but I didn’t want to seem weak so I neglected her offer.

I also met two dwarfs, Torin and Ayden, who are great examples of their race. Loud, mead soaked, and rambunctious. Got to love’em!!

With the great dwarf Torin there was a wonderful little halfling, Gilsa. She was truly a wonderful person to behold. She lives to enjoy life and see the world, there is no greater joy then that.

It is the weird lady with a mask that truly concerns me! I do not know enough about her… what is her stake in all of this?

Silver preformed magnificently against the Orcs, never even took a hit! Will have to see what else I can do to enhance his abilities!"

Session 1

The little halfling had never met such nice people, heck she rarely met nice people at all before. As they wandered she thought about her present company…

The dwarf Torin was the best friend she had ever had! He did not get mad at her for drinking his ale, he got her a nice room with a cloud bed for the night, a bath, and that dreamy halfling guy that “helped her” so much. The other dwarf Ayden seemed like a good fellow too, Gilsa was starting to think the dwarves she had known were not typical of their race after meeting these two now. He seemed protective of the little mute girl we found, he seemed to think the Black Skull Inn was not suitable for the child and I agreed, I think he included me in his belief that ladies should not be there too, but he is thinking wrong there, I like this inn!

The mute girl, Himeko is interesting, she seems to like me. I never had a girl friend before, never really had a friend before actually so this could be interesting. I wonder if she likes shopping? Shopping is a great way for me to help people with their burdens. People are so careless with their belongings, it is good they have me around to help. I like helping. Tavarous and Silver are… different than anything I have ever met. At first Silver scared me, but he is really handy. Not to mention I bet his fur is soft, but I am scared to find out… yet. Artemis is the best person at guns I have ever met! I knew a few people from the gang that used guns, but never as well as her. She is mysterious though, I have a feeling there is something more there than we have seen so far.


Gilsa looked up from reading the journal and her eyes could not have gotten wider. This town was a mess! So many things they had seen already or heard made so much more sense now, or no sense in a few cases. The first thing she wanted to find out was who wrote this journal, which would be easy to do, we just had to ask Galwinn from the Miner’s Rest who he scouted the Rel River blockage with. She thought that this should be done without mentioning the journal though, as in the wrong hands it could be bad. Also she wanted to see if the corpse of the dog was really buried by that Old Oak by the Smithies. If it was really there it would lend validity to the entire journal, especially if someone could determine it was really human bite marks on the dog.

Most importantly though Gilsa really wanted to know who Artemis was, as she acted in a similar manner to the cloaked people who killed and captured the folks from the Bizarre Bazaar. Was she with them, know of them, or was it all coincidence? Either way it sounds like there may be some people in the mines to the south but that we may first want to figure out more about what is going on here. She would have to ask Torin and Ayden about the gods Tychas and Rax, since both were mentioned in the journal too.

This whole town and the goings on in it were a mystery puzzle, and Gilsa loves puzzles. She would be a busy little halfling in the coming days or weeks. Since she would be busy she would need to get good rest and plenty of extracurricular activities in while she could. She had better see if the Black skull Inn had weekly rates.

Session 1

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