Kardiak's Krypt

Himeko's Log - Entry 2

You would be proud of me today! I learned many things and faced many challenges. My companions and I are slowly unraveling the mystery surrounding this town, but it is challenging. We discovered a journal of one of the deceased inhabitants of this town amongst the things collected by a group of orcs we dispatched. Nasty creatures! They seem to despise everyone but their own kind. From what we can tell, they are moving into this territory because of the failing town, preying upon the poor inhabitants. Apparently the owner of the journal was one such unfortunate.

His journal went back many months and explained much of what we have seen and been puzzled about. My companions seem far more intelligent about the problems and have thus far laid good plans on how to deal with them. We hope we can resolve the situation soon, as it seems to become grimmer the more we learn. There is likely some sort of death cult amongst the humans here. I hope it is something from the outside affecting them. I’d hate to think the people of this area are that wicked on their own as they have committed many depredations. I’m concerned for them.

Ayden and Tavarous taught me about a creature similar to our okami called a lycanthrope. Apparently it isn’t born that way, but is made through the effects of a curse. From what I understand, it is a terrible thing to become a lycanthrope. Ayden assures me that the only thing that can be done for those affected is to “put them down like wild beasts” in his words.

Speaking of wild beasts, I saw a large, black cat on the outskirts of town. I tried to chase it, but it was too fast for me. I think it may be somehow involved in the mysteries, but I can’t explain why I think this. Torin had some dealings with it earlier, so it seems relatively tame or has been trained. It was still a beautiful animal. I wish I could have seen it more close-up.

Some of the townspeople here are acting very suspiciously. I think they mean us no good, but so far I haven’t caught them actually doing anything. I can only remain suspicious until proof presents itself.

Finally, we tracked down what we hope are the last of the orcs in the area. They were tough, but we dispatched them. This time I comported myself better as befits the training you gave this unworthy disciple.

I will write again when I can.

Peace be with you,



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