Kardiak's Krypt

Ayden's prayers

I been thinkin’ a lot lately and I must apologize to ye. I come close t’failin’ me oaths I gave as a shortbeard. I let a comrade fall afore I could help ‘er. She survived, and I’ve no doubt yer hand in th’ matter, but it’s weighin’ on me. Sure enough I fell as well in the fight, but tis my job to protect those without the sense you gave us earthen folk to wear the armor of yer bounty. We’ve not gotten far in the mines but the day wears on, of that there’s no doubt. I’m weary, but I kin hear sobs coming from ahead so I’ll not tarry any longer than I hafta. There be monsters in these mines, and sadly the worst of them all be the villagers. I’ll save the worthy, and send those who’d destroy such a place t’where they belong. If Ye happen to see me in yer halls soon, look affer lil Gilly and Hime fer me, They’re young yet and need the firm protection of yerself.



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